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Novae Policies - Making a claim


Claims Procedure

The claims procedure is explained in detail in the Certificate of Insurance.

This is a brief resume of what you must do if you need to make a claim:

  • If your cycle has been stolen contact the Police immediately
  • If your cycle has been stolen or has been damaged in an accident contact Merlin Claims immediately - on 0161 835 6933 and tell them about the incident
  • Complete a claim form as soon as possible. You can download a Theft/Damage claim form or Public Liability claim form from this website. Or you can ask Merlin Claims to send you a claim form
  • Complete and sign the claim form and return it to Merlin Claims with all the information requested from you (see the guidance notes attached to the claim form)
  • Do not order a replacement cycle, or hire a cycle, until your claim has been approved and you have been told how it is to be settled. We will always try to replace your cycle rather than make a cash settlement
  • If the claim is for personal accident we will need to obtain medical evidence from your doctor or from a consultant
  • If a third party is making a claim against you for injury or damage you must not admit liability, make any offer in settlement, or do or say anything which might prejudice our position in terms of defending your claim
  • If you wish to make a legal expenses claim you must phone the number shown in the Certificate of Insurance and report the matter direct to DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company Limited.

    If at any stage of the proceedings you are not sure what to do, or what is required of you, for your claim to be processed and paid, please phone our dedicated claims service at Merlin Claims on 0161 835 6933, or call our Helpline on 0151 427 9529.